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  • 12 Keys to Serving Your Leaders with Excellence

  • Why Honor Unlocks your Gifting

  • The Vital Role of Church Leaders in Your Life

  • Recognizing 8 Symptoms of Rebellion

  • How Serving Opens the Door to Your Calling

Every leader needs a team that is built on honor. I have seen great ministry leaders struggle with stress, depression, worry, insecurity and fatigue that ultimately leads to burn out because they lack support from the right team.

You play a vital role in the Kingdom of God; He has called you to serve your ministry leader with excellence and fulfill the vision of the church.

- Gary J. Montoya



Corey Russell, Author

I believe that God is raising up a new breed of people in this hour who are going to move in a different spirit and connect to the glory and power of honor. I highly recommend this book by my friend Gary Montoya!

Pastor Glen.jpeg

Glen Berteau, Pastor

Kingdom Honor is not another book to place on the shelf but a biblical mandate that will teach you how to honor and serve your leader God’s way. This book is a must read for all those serving in ministry


John Bevere, Author

True honor is an outflow from a heart that fears God. I’ve witnessed my friend, Gary, walk out the truths contained in this book. Throughout its pages, Gary expounds on the kingdom principle of honor that will not only unlock the gifts in others but will also release God’s kingdom here and now.


Sam Chand, Author

Gary is absolutely on target when he says honor will give you direct access to God. I have no doubt that the Kingdom of our Lord will be strengthened even as leaders understand—again—the ultimate role of honor in the Church. You and all your Christian leader friends will want this book.

Mark V.jpg

Mark Varughese, Pastor

 With conviction, this book comprehensively covers how honor shapes the church to become all that it was designed to be.


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